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 Rogers RoundUp

Jacobs Thousands


This site is for the benefit of Rogers researchers who may bump their head into one of our branches. 

The primary SURNAME researched for this area was ROGERS.  However, there are a number of allied lines that have been identified through this collective effort.  The reason for Jacobs Thousands is that the oldest "believed" progenitor is Jacob Rogers, d1774 NC.  The two men from whom we have evolved are "known" to be brothers, John and Enoch. They moved to Jackson County, Georgia as early as 1799.  The only problem is that in Jackson County, there were a number of John and Enoch's. One Rogers family is well documented and they belong to "Will Rogers". The other family is ours, and is not so well documented.  However, my great-grandmother did always tell us that we were related to Will, but no one has been able to prove it as yet.  Maybe you have the information we need to continue our search.  If so, contact us.

Currently, the information available on this site is:

John Rogers b1767 NC - d1851 GA; his children and grandchildren

Enoch Rogers bc1760 NC-d1841 GA;  his children and grandchildren

The surnames and individuals include 5 generations from Jacob forward. I have omitted later generations to protect information of living individuals. This will also display a family group sheet for you to peruse. If you find any broken links, please let me know.

Our branch of the tree moved to Texas in 1884 when Enoch Pomeroy brought his family in a covered wagon. He may have followed others or they may have followed him. The "Yellow Rose of Texas" is one of our favorite state songs.


  I am still working, so please come back soon and visit.


Feel free to use the search engine provided for you here to search the data base at ancestry.com for your family.







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