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Descendants of Enoch ROGERS

Generation No. 1


bullet 1.  Enoch ROGERS   was born Abt. 1760 in Northampton, N.C., and died Abt. 1841 in Walker Co., Ga  (maybe).  He married (1) Catherine TEAGUE.  He married (2) Rachel PETTIGREW.

             Children of Enoch ROGERS and Catherine TEAGUE are:

bullet 2 i. James ROGERS.
bullet 3 ii. Nancy ROGERS.
bullet+ 4 iii.  John ROGERS, born 16 December 1796 in South Carolina; died 17 November 1875 in Crawford Co, Ark..
bullet 5 iv. David ROGERS, born Abt. 1800.  He married Rebecca Hanson 07 January 1815 in Jackson Co, Ga..
bullet 6 v. William ROGERS, born Abt. 1804.
bullet 7 vi. Robert ROGERS, born Abt. 1805.
bullet 8 vii. Mary ROGERS, born Abt. 1805.
bullet 9 viii. Thomas ROGERS, born Abt. 1811.


Generation No. 2

bullet 4.  John ROGERS  was born 16 December 1796 in South Carolina, and died 17 November 1875 in Crawford Co, Ark..  He married Amy G. ADAMS 18 July 1814 in Jackson, Co, GA., daughter of William Adams and Jane CONNER.

            Children of John ROGERS and Amy ADAMS are:

bullet 10 i. Nancy Melvina ROGERS, born 25 August 1816.  She married Edward Bruce CHASTAIN.
bullet 11 ii. Jane Caroline ROGERS, born 22 September 1819.  She married Hardesty WHITE.
bullet 12 iii. Enoch Shuman ROGERS, born 10 September 1822; died 04 May 1860.  He married Nancy RAMSEY.
bullet 13 iv. Lucinda Elizabeth ROGERS, born 30 December 1824.  She married Thomas STONE.
bullet 14 v. Green W. ROGERS, born 02 July 1826.  He married Eliza RAMSEY.
bullet 15 vi. Lovesey Ann ROGERS, born 16 August 1831.  She married James LAWSON.
bullet 16 vii. Martha E. ROGERS, born 18 December 1831 in Hall County, GA; died 22 September 1863.  She married Thomas H WELLS.
bullet 17 viii. William L. ROGERS, born 09 February 1834; died 06 September 1852.
bullet 18 ix. John Calhoun ROGERS, born 30 January 1836; died 31 March 1883.  He married Sarah Elizabeth MEADORS.
bullet 19 x. Amy S ROGERS, born 14 October 1841; died 15 July 1861.
bullet 20 xi. James Christopher C. ROGERS, born 17 December 1845; died 27 February 1905.  He married Martha J MEADORS.


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