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Brick Walls
John Rogers  b1767 d 1851
John Rogers came from NC to Georgia as early as 1799 where we find him and his brother Enoch listed in Jackson County, Ga.   His wife was alive until after 1840.  We see her on the census, however, she was not listed in 1850 the first census to show all individuals in the household, implying her death.  We do not know her name, and no one to this date has been able to determine the name.  We also do not know for  a  fact where he is buried.  We assume he is at the back of Academy Baptist Church where his son James is buried.  There is a gravesite but you can't read the determine the name on the stone.

June 20, 2004 - - It has been mentioned that Nancy Pomeroy might be the wife of John.  There was a grandson named Enoch Pomeroy Rogers, so that may be right. However, we keep looking.

Mary Ellen McBride Hardin  b c1880 
Mary Ellen married Jesse Franklin Hardin and died in 1917 in Ft. Worth Tx.  Jesse said that she was born c 1880 on the death certificate but not the location.  He listed the mother as Martha Glenn from Kentucky and the father as J N Mcbride.  There is a Martha Glenn marrying a James Noah McBride in Tennessee but we are unsure that this is the same person.  If Jesse didn't know for sure when his wife was born, he might also not know where her parents were from.  Jesse is from Texas so we assume they married here. One of their children said they were born in Arcadia, but not the county.  There is an Arcadia in 3 counties, so we are having a problem with that location description.

We want the exact date of birth of a gravestone yet to be placed on both Mary Ellen and husband Jesse.

UPDATE June 30 2004  Brick Wall comes down!

We have located the marriage certificate of Jesse Franklin and Mary Ellen McBride in McLennan County, Tx.  They were married in 1904.  She was in Moody, a small town in that county.  Her parents are buried there at the Moody Cemetery.  James Noah McBride died in 1925 in Waco Tx and Marth died in 1937 in Killeen, Tx.  The Census of 1900 shows her date of birth as Aug of 1881, still no day of the month.  She had siblings of Thomas S, Willy C, Norman Slayton, Effie and Charles Clay.  There is also mentioned a George in the obituaries but we haven't identified him as yet.