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Albright is Alright!

The Albright family has also eluded our efforts.  I have a picture that is supposed to be the father of Quinn and Gus, and we had been told his name was George or George Frank.   However, the recent find of the marriage record shows his name to be J J Albright. 

I have been told that if he was of German heritage, his name could have been George but spelled with a J instead of a G.  The children listed him as being born in New York and South Carolina in separate Census's. 

We have tried to locate descendants of Augustus in hopes to learn of their family in more detail but have not located any yet.

    UPDATE:    Friday 13th was lucky afterall.  I have been able to locate descendants of Augustus and Ruth.  Fannie Ruth Albright lived in California and through her daugher I now have names of other family members to contact.    Perserverance pays!

I have only seen him listed in the city directory one time. He was listed in the Fort Worth, Texas directory in 1890; Dairyman for Hunter, S Union Stock Yard, near Cotton Belt Railway track, but he was not listed prior to or after that date.  We know his wife, Fannie had died prior to that and his children were living with their Eskew grandparents and Uncle John Eskew after her death.  What happened to him, we don't know.

Descendants of J J ALBRIGHT

Generation No. 1

1. J J1 ALBRIGHT was born in New York or South Carolina. He married Francis F Eskew 13 Apr 1884 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX, daughter of Quinby Eskew and Sarah ?. She was born Abt. 1871 in Texas, and died Aug 1890 in Ft. Worth,Tarrant, Tx.

Children of J ALBRIGHT and Francis Eskew are:

+ 2 i. Quinn Tillas2 Albright, born Jan 1886 in Texas; died 07 Jul 1948 in Ft. Worth, Tx.

+ 3 ii. Augustus Ezra ALBRIGHT, born Nov 1889 in Texas; died 23 Apr 1943 in Austin, Travis County, Tx.

Generation No. 2

2. Quinn Tillas2 Albright (J J1) was born Jan 1886 in Texas, and died 07 Jul 1948 in Ft. Worth, Tx. He married (1) Virginia Pearl Rogers 03 Dec 1903 in Weatherford, Tx., daughter of Enoch Rogers and Charlotte Bennett. She was born 04 Oct 1881 in Gainesville, Ga. Hall, and died 15 Sep 1970 in Ft. Worth, Tx. He married (2) Minnie B ? Bef. 12 Sep 1918. He married (3) Goldie ? 1931. He married (4) Kath ? Bet. 1936 - 1937. He married (5) Effie ? 1946.

Children of Quinn Albright and Virginia Rogers are:

4 i. George Pomeroy3 Albright, born 29 Nov 1904 in Poolville, Tx; died 13 Mar 1983 in Ft. Worth, TX. He married Olivia Noreen JACKSON 21 Sep 1974 in Ft. WORTH, TX; born 02 Aug 1905; died Jun 1986.

5 ii. Roy Eskew ALBRIGHT, born 19 Jun 1906 in Benbrook, TX; died 31 Jan 1931 in Ft. Worth, Tx. He married Unknown Abt. 1927.

6 iii. Wenoma Margaret ALBRIGHT, born 11 Jun 1908 in Ft. Worth, Tx; died 22 Sep 1958 in Ft. Worth, Tx. She married (1) Claude Clayton MOSIER 25 Sep 1925 in Dallas, Texas; born 06 Apr 1889 in Oklahoma Territory; died Feb 1972. She married (2) Leonard C. COLLINS 1945 in FT. Worth. Texas; born 10 Dec 1899.

7 iv. Ina Mae ALBRIGHT, born 17 Feb 1910 in Ft. Worth, Tx; died 07 Feb 1992 in Ft Worth, Tx.. She married Walter Pelham HARDIN 16 Feb 1926 in Dallas, Tx.; born 11 Jun 1905 in Arcadia, Galveston County, Tx; died 15 Feb 1957 in Chicago, Ill.

3. Augustus Ezra2 ALBRIGHT (J J1) was born Nov 1889 in Texas, and died 23 Apr 1943 in Austin, Travis County, Tx. He married Ruth Frances Moore 24 Mar 1909, daughter of D Moore and Lula ?. She was born 14 Aug 1891 in Arkansas, and died 17 Mar 1975 in Austin, Travis County, Tx.

Children of Augustus ALBRIGHT and Ruth Moore are:

8 i. Helen Marie3 ALBRIGHT, born 14 Jul 1912; died Jan 1988 in Austin, Travis County, Tx. She married Jesse Milton Irwin, Jr..

9 ii. Glenn S ALBRIGHT, born 06 Sep 1917 in .Missouri; died 26 Jun 2000 in Austin, Travis County, Tx. He married (1) Virginia unknown; died Bef. 1956. He married (2) Peggy 1956 in Albequerque, New Mexico.

10 iii. Fannie Ruth ALBRIGHT, born 12 Sep 1923 in at home of Uncle John and Aunt Lilly, 2100 N Main, Ft. Worth,Tarrant, Tx; died 26 Apr 2004 in Sacramento, Ca. She married Cecil Jones 11 Oct 1943.

11 iv. Donald Eskew ALBRIGHT.