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Index of Persons

346 individuals, 133 families from file C:\FTW\Hughes.GED (18 Jul 2002)

Dorthy -- to -- David Lawrence BATSON
David Nathaniel BATSON -- to -- Malvina Jane BATSON
Mamie BATSON -- to -- Alice Virginia BURROW
Arah Marcelle CALLAWAY -- to -- Gladys Belle COURTNEY
COX -- to -- Lois Laverne HAILEY
Mary Elizabeth HARDISON -- to -- Anna Marie HUGHES
Ceola Kentucky HUGHES -- to -- Greene David HUGHES
Harry Clayton HUGHES -- to -- Sally Malvina HUGHES
Sarah Delaney HUGHES -- to -- Turner A. MCDANIEL
Josephine RICHMOND -- to -- Peter Albert TROTOGOTT
Loren Thomas TURK -- to -- Nancy WILEY
Nancy Elizabeth WILEY -- to -- Alice Edna WOLLARD


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