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You have entered a website dedicated to the adventure of genealogy. We are a product of all our ancestors. The fun part is determining whom they are, where they came from, and the life they lived.

The adventure is never-ending, as each new door opened presents 2 more

                    ......their parents.

We strive to keep the identity of living individuals private, we hope you do as well.

The links will take you to the families we have uncovered and are working on.  There is also a site search engine, and a links page that has numerous sites for research.  Check out the surnames and brick wall as well.

Sources for this work include original documents, census recordings, newpaper articles, headstone inscriptions.  I have also received information from other family members researching their history.  In any genealogy project, some researchers make the mistake of assuming fact based on others work.  Please remember this and verify what you see and hear.  If you use anything from these pages, please give credit to the researchers who have worked hard to gather and then share with you.

As with all sites, this one will be constantly modified and "under construction". Remember to check often, and if you find a broken link, please notify the administrator at admin@miminpapa.com.

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